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More training, Improving the implementation capacity

September, 2012, we have a series of learning about the vedio Surviving by results.
On the meeting, the leader Mr. Gan said, “a toping enterprise need toping talents, I hope after this training we can change our unhealthy behavior and habits, then improve our implementation capacity, and create a high implementary team.”
This time, we divided the staff into 7 teams, every one has their own team name and slogan. During the learning, 7 teams competed with each other.
After this study, we know the meaning of surviving by results, and know that we have to exchange our results with our clients, our company. And we also realized that a good attitude does not mean a good result, the duty does not mean a good result, the task does not mean a good result.
Every one attended this training, and had a nice acquisition.
Following pictures are the training course.


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